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Sunday, 30 September 2007

West end girl in an east end world

I've decided that in order to get a good build-up of writing behind me, it is imperative that I actually write. So, I guess I could use this blog wisely and attempt to put my semi-creative thoughts onto paper (or screen).

After being stuck inside for the last few days with mild viral meningitis, Shane took me and Lachlan into Brighton for some yummy lunch at his work,The Pantry. I never thought it was possible to be satiated with calamari and salad, but this lunch proved to be an exception to that rule. Lachlan seemed to enjoy his chicken and chips, although he got more joy out of eating tomato sauce than anything else. But his greatest joy came from meeting Guy and Julia's little girl, Lottie, who is 14 months. I think Lachlan is subtly hinting at wanting a little brother or sister...(sister, apparently, as I just asked him a few seconds ago). Anyway, he smothered her with hugs and kisses (to which I'm not sure Lottie knew what to make of that), and a few tentative eye pokes.

On another note, I feel torn between my western suburbs facade and my eastern suburbs inner yuppy. On one hand, I wanted to laugh out loud at the couple who bought their little boy in (not much younger than Lachlan) and sat a portable dvd player in front of him to entertain him, while they enjoyed a nice, quiet lunch. But deep down inside (waaayyyyy down) I wished that we were that Brighton couple and had enough money to buy a portable dvd player.

The day ended well, with some retail therapy. I can hear you asking "but how does a west side girl afford east side clothes?" Well, the secret is Quick Brown Fox, on Church St. It has adorable, multi-coloured, extremely funky clothes, shoes and bags, as well as other accessories, at ridiculously affordable prices. I felt like I had entered retail heaven, and I could have spent the rest of the arvo there if it weren't for Lachlan's tired rantings (albeit very quiet ones), and, of course, the lack of money. But I walked away extremely satisfied with a new black slouch bag, and a brown tweed jacket. I have to admit, the satisfying retail experience was helped by the woman behind the counter, who was young and friendly, and not at all pretentious. She helped me find a bag from the many they had in store, and had plenty of patience with me when I proceeded to pull the stuffing out of 4 or 5 of them to see inside.

All in all a very satisfying experience in Brighton that for once didn't leave me wanting to run away and start a new life with a rich Brighton boy. Rather, I learnt there's still hope for my poor, supressed inner eastern suburbs child.

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