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Saturday, 8 August 2009

The little things...

It's amazing how being a parent helps you appreciate the simple things in life. Once most of your time and energy has been taken up by your family, there's very little else you want to do at the end of the day except curl up on the couch and stare vacantly at the television with nothing on your mind. Even reading a book or the newspaper requires too much brain power, despite it being one of my favourite pastimes (sharing a close first place with yoga, listening to music and dancing).

When the sounds of a three-year-old boy's chatter, a baby warbling and The Wiggles fill up your day, the silence that comes at the end of the day can be deafening and a little foreboding; like someone is up to something they shouldn't be. The urge to be quiet when walking around at night is hard to get rid of too, but when you finally figure out you don't have to be quiet because no one's home, it's worth it.

When I was in my early twenties the things I really wanted to do were travel and go out with friends. A few years later (and possibly none the wiser) I've found that while my goal remains to see the world, the few things I actually appreciate are actually right here in front of me, albeit with limited access.

At this moment, I happen to be enjoying a perfect Saturday night. With my husband, three-year-old and dog a few hundred kilometer's away I find myself in the position of having the house almost to myself (7mnth old sound asleep). I've been able to eat dinner without being concerned if it's something that the rest of my family would enjoy. I had a delicious dinner of curried fish, roti and salad from my local Indian restaurant, accompanied with a glass of Riccadonna. I've had the television off all night, and my jazz music playing in the background. And I've had the freedom (and peace) to read the newspaper, read my new Vogue, and blog.

No more can I understand why people would want to fill their weekends with unnecessary activity, leaving not a moment's thought for themselves. I shake my head in wonder at my friends who insist on being sociable for a whole weekend. Don't they miss having a moment's peace? I fully understand now, why dad would always say to me "I just want a moment's peace!"

I've been able to sit and actually hear my thoughts, and even tried to minimalise the number I have. I haven't had to talk to anyone, I've been able to do what I want and listen to what I want all night. I haven't had to think for anyone else. And I am in heaven.

It really is the little things, isn't it?

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