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Friday, 29 August 2008

It's funny cos it's true

I found a highly enlightening and entertaining article in a blog of Glamour magazine, and thought I would share it with you. It's written by two guys, Brian Alexander and Michael Somerville, and can certainly provide some insight into the minds of men!
Found at Glamour magazine's Sex, Love and Life blog

Fourteen things he wants you to know about his body
1. Digging your nails into our back or chest only sounds sexy. Think "massage strokes" instead.

2. We may seem calm and secure, but a compliment from you goes a long way.

3. A tongue around the ear is hot; a tongue in the ear is a wet willy.

4. Joking about kneeing or kicking our testicles is not funny. Ever.

5. Every guy has a spot--a good spot. Ask us where it is and how we'd like you to touch it.

6. "Shrinkage" is real and should always be taken into account when making a judgment.

7. Our toenails: We're not sure how they got like that, and we'd like to do something about it. Please advise.

8. Prostate exams (nearly) make up for the whole not-giving-birth thing--you'll see!

9. When it comes to our nipples, most of us can barely feel anything...unless you bite them, and that just hurts.

11. Playing around with our back door can feel good, but good luck getting us to admit it.

12. It is possible to bend the penis too far, cowgirls.

13. Our digestive tract doesn't work any differently than yours. You're just more polite.

14. We definitely think your body's way cooler.

Love Quickie: An emotional affair is worse than having sex with someone else, say 65% of women surveyed.

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