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Friday, 29 August 2008

The turning of the seasons

Did anyone else feel the very distinctive change of seasons on Monday? At first I thought it was just wishful thinking- though my backyard definitely had a spring feel to it. The tree in our backyard with lots of little white flowers on it had all of a sudden began buzzing with bees, that beautiful smell of apple blossoms filled the air...(or maybe it's plum?), the air felt decidedly warmer. But as the week continued I realised it wasn't just wishful thinking, spring was here already. Now, it's Friday, this feeling has continued all week, and here I am, in my backyard, sitting at our picninc table, working, typing this, and eating a big plate of fresh fruit....ahhhhh...this is the life.

It seems as though winter never really came this year. The trees never fully lost their leaves- some of the trees in our main street were still half covered- and it never really got as cold as I remember winter being when I was a child. Maybe it's because as you get older you actually tolerate the cold better.Not only did the trees not completely lose their leaves, but the new blossoms began growing far sooner than I remember. And oh my goodness, I just killed the first mozzie of the season!!

When I was a child I used to love summer best. The long days, swimming, going to the beach. Winter used to depress me. Then, a few years ago, I really began to appreciate everything that each season had to offer. In the middle of summer, on a 45 degree day, it's hard not to appreciate those cold, rainy days of winter. And when you're freezing your ass off as you make your way to the train station at 0730 on a Monday morning, it's hard not to look forward to the long, warm days where you can walk around in shorts, a singlet, and thongs. And sometimes, you just long for those days with the perfect 26 degree heat, slight, cool breeze, and cloudless sky. That's one thing I like about Melbourne. At lease we get to experience and appreciate the four seasons.

I have to get back to work now, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on this beautiful day with you, and hope that you are as lucky as me to be able to enjoy it.


Ali said...

totally got this feeling too this week mel!! and especially today - I popped out to get lunch, and was HOT in my coat!! xoxoxox

Ali said...

ps. ive had a blog for a while too- check it out lovely!

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