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Monday, 2 February 2009

Random acts of kindness Part 1- Driving etiquette

How to be considerate on the roads....

This really does my head in, but how many of you have tried to change lanes and find it virtually impossible to because other drivers are intent on refusing to let you in? Particularly at traffic lights when they AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE!!! Well, my advice is really quite simple and logical, and just makes driving a happier, more pleasing experience to all involved. This goes for merging traffic. If every person just let one car...yes...ONE front of them there would be no angry drivers, accidents or people running late.

I was driving home from uni yesterday and the lady in the car behind me needed to get into the left lane to turn off. We were stopped at traffic lights and as I watched I noticed (quite sadly) that not one person let her in, despite the fact that we were STATIONARY at the lights. As a result, this woman missed her turn off and almost ended up on the freeway. And yes, I can hear some of you saying "well, she shouldn't have changed lanes at the last minute." True, but what difference would it have made if she tried to do so 5 minutes before? (aside from not missing her turn off). What I mean is, those same people that didn't let her in in this case, wouldn't have let her in 5 minutes before, or at all. It just makes me so angry that people are so inconsiderate. The poor lady was shaking her head, and I could really empathise with her. I just hope that next time she finds herself on the other side of the experience, that she remembers this day and decides to do the right things.

I could go on for hours and hours, days and days about considerate driving, but I won't. I will simply end (and perhaps I should also start) with my key message:

If someone wants to merge/ change lanes, LET THEM IN! You may lose 2 seconds of your time, but it will make driving a much more pleasurable experience. Stay tuned tomorrow when I will talk about public transport etiquette.

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