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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Logies sucked, and the media should deal with it

The media has been having a field day, chastising the public about their awful, bitchy, mean comments over Twitter during the Logies. A couple of celebrity blogs, and a few news websites decided to mention all the nasty things that were being said as the Logies was broadcast. The words "bitching" and "cruel" and "mean" were thrown around a lot.

Do you know what I have to say about that? Deal with it. The public are fickle, and of course are going to voice their opinion if they think something is lame. Hell, if we didn't voice our opinions, tv probably wouldn't have changed in the last 20-odd years! And the thing is this: what on earth would we do with social media if we couldn't talk about things that were happening in real time? That's what HAPPENS when you give the masses a voice!

While there were very specific comments about Gretel Killeen being an awful host, with some cringe-worthy moments, I do need to ask this: does the host write their own script? If not, we should probably lay off bagging Gretel and call for the person who wrote the script to be fired. And if she did write her own, then I'm sorry, but she deserves the bagging. We don't watch the Logies to see lame bits of acting (what was with that whole pretending to be shot and heaven bit? Do they think the audience is made up of children who like watching lame pantomimes with bad acting? )

These TV personalities do have feelings, yes we are well aware of this fact. But the television industry is NOT a nice one. The people can be awful, arrogant, demanding little pricks who think they should be treated like royalty. They snipe and bitch at one another about one another. The media is quick to criticize celebs when they put on an ounce of weight, or lose it, or have surgery done, or whatever. But god forbid the little people have a voice.

Good on Wil Anderson telling it like it was during the broadcast! I found his tweets much more entertaining than the show. My highlights of the Logies were Rove, Hughesy, Wil Anderson and Annie Lennox- REAL entertainment. I think the media should lay off paying out Wil Anderson for his brutally honest tweets. Insincerity is getting old and tired. We want honesty. We want the truth. We are not little children who need to be protected from the big, bad world. If something sucks, we will say so, and appreciate the honesty of everyone else who does the same.

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