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Friday, 1 May 2009

Trouble getting your children to eat veggies? Try making your own spag bol sauce.

If you have problems shoving veggies into your children like so many mothers do, I have the perfect remedy for this. As far as I am aware, most children like spag bol, as long as they don't know there are veggies in it. So what should you do? Instead of using shop spaghetti sauce, just make your own!

1 zuchinni
1 carrot
1 red capsicum
can of chopped tomatoes OR 6 or 7 fresh tomatoes
salt and pepper

I haven't given amounts because you need to use what you and your children like. If you all like these flavours, then add heaps, otherwise just a little if not. Of course, it's the onion, garlic, and herbs that give it the flavour, so don't be too skimpy or it'll taste too bland.

Easy! Add it all to a food processor and blend until smooth.

This does make the whole spag bol slightly more watery, but you can either just tip it out once you're nearly finished cooking, or just leave it, as it has all the flavours.

I'd love some feedback, if you managed to get your children to eat it or not!

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