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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Today's feel-good story: the banker who saves ducklings

I was watching ABC midday news when they had this story as the final feel-good story of the morning. It made me cry, much like that Sound of Music video in the train station...

Banker Rescues Darling Ducklings
May 18, 2009 5:38 PM

Joel Armstrong is no duck connoisseur. The 43-year-old banker and father of two learned everything he knows about ducks through Google. But this Saturday, none of that mattered as he helped rescue a new family of ducklings.

For the past 35 days, Armstrong watched as a mother duck nested on a ledge outside his office window…two blocks from the Spokane River in Washington state. On Saturday morning, Armstrong arrived in town for the annual Lilac Festival parade. Seeing the newly hatched ducklings nervously pacing back and forth on the ledge, he knew they were stuck. Their mother stood waiting below, but the jump off the ledge was too far for the ducklings.

Armstrong hasn’t played baseball since grade school, but he stepped up to the plate ready to help. Standing below the ledge, he caught each duckling as they leapt into his waiting hands below. By the time it was over, a crowd had gathered for the parade. To the sound of cheers and applause, the mother duck led her ducklings to water.

Banker rescues darling ducklings


Peggy said...

WTG ducksaverdude!

Anonymous said...

I know...everyday people doing random acts of kindness gets me every time. I wish we heard/saw more of it.

stepforddreams said...

Reminds me of Tony Soprana and "his" dusk in the family pool. Quite endearing really.

stepforddreams said...

Oops I meant Soprano.

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