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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Aging gracefully

I went to the bookshop today to look for a couple of books I want to read (as opposed to use as doorstops) when one big, fat book caught my eye. It was called something along the lines of "You, growing old, and how to slow down the process".

Boy did it irk me. Why? Where do I start?

It's been a while now since I found my first grey hair. Then, every time after that, I would pull them out religiously. Until one day, not that long ago, when I thought "screw this. What am I going to do? Keep pulling them out as they come? And then what? Be bald? Dye my hair for the rest of my life? Why? I might have beautiful silvery-grey hair. I can't put off aging forever."

Then, a few weeks ago, having a lovely roast lunch with two friends and their parents, I took the opportunity during a lull in the conversation to tell them: "I'm going grey."

Their reaction was not only relieving, it was enthusiastic. They too thought they were the only ones who had found grey hairs. And here I was thinking that it was because I have children. Here they were, two of my childless friends, also with grey hairs. And the funny part? They all grew in the same place!

I showed them where mine was and my friend's mum proceeded to yank on out of my head and examine it. "It's a lovely silvery colour," she said. I was rapt. I like to think that that conversation with my friends helped change their mind about the aging process. I wonder if I would have a different opinion if I were single though?

Anyway, back to this book. I', just so sick of all this pressure put on women to retain their youth for as long as possible. Cover greys. Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles with botox. Ladies? Your face looks BORING with no expression lines! It looks as though you've never laughed or cried a day in your sad, pathetic little lives!

Or what about retaining your fabulous pre-baby body as fast as you can? All these celebrities who have magically become thinner than before the baby in just X weeks! How is THAT meant to make us feel good about ourselves? Do they think it makes us little people say "well, if THEY can do it, it MUST be possible!" Sure! If we have excess time and money...or maybe just money, to pay a dietician, nutritionist, nanny, personal trainer to tell you what to do and look after your child for you. Not to mention losing so much weight so fast is actually BAD for your baby because it releases toxins into your blood stream and your breast milk. Oh wait. Most celebrities don't breastfeed do they? For fear of ruining their perfect little size X boobs and having them sag like a cow's udder. That's right ladies. A COW'S udder!

So screw them all, I say. Screw the hiding my grey hairs. Screw the getting rid of my wrinkles. Screw the fixing my boobs (my husband won't be pleased). I want to look like I've lived an exciting, colorful life, not a boring, monotonous one. The next time I colour my hair, it won't be tho hide greys, it'll be because I feel like a change. And the only moisturiser I'll be using is one purely for MOISTURE.

Talk to me again when I hit 30, and I'll see if my attitude is still the same, After all, I'm only 26!!

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