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Friday, 6 March 2009

Archibald Prize 2009

I'm not really an art person. I don't really get art. I can't stand there an ponder a piece of art and what it means, or doesn't mean, or how the artist felt at the time of painting, what they are trying to convey. I need to be told. I need it to be obvious. That's why I like things like landscape, and portraits. Cos they're obvious. So I like it when it's time for the Archibald Prize, because it gives me the opportunity to appreciate art without having to pretend to understand it.

Have you seen the winner and finalists for this year's Archibald Prize? OMG there are some AMAZING portraits! God, I wish I could paint...or draw...or even evolve beyond stick figures and 2D stuff...


The winner this year was Guy Maestri for his portrait of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu (the blind aboriginal musucian- amazing). But it must have been pretty tough for the judges, there were so many amazing pictures I don't know how they choose just one (hence why I would never make a good judge, they'd all get 1st prize!).
Here's the winning portrait and some of my fave finalists. Enjoy.



siansian said...

yeh right, there were so many amazing paintings - so why did one of the most unamazing win?
These giant head genre images are on so many covers and posters, they are boring.
of course its quite normal for an archibald prize winner to be dull.
the packing room was a bit fusty too i thought.

Melissa said...

hahaha I couldn't tell you the reasoning behind why they chose that one to win- it was definitely NOT one of my faves!

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