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Sunday, 1 March 2009

sleep or blog? That is the question.

I should be in bed. My 10 week old will want a feed soon. But I have to express some milk. And I'm tired but this is my me time. People wonder why I don't go to bed earlier, like when my newborn has finally gone to sleep. Why?? Because I want a LIFE! This time of night is my ME time! I can watch tv (yawn, nothing ever on anyway, except for Thursday night's Grey's Anatomy, The Practice, and Scrubs- and some psychotic little show called Bringing Up Baby on ABC, but that's another story), blog, read other blogs, read ezines, read the newspaper, basically whatever I want without having to rush for the potty for my 3 year old, or clean a new spew-patch off the floor, or find something for my husband because he can never seem to find anything unless it's waving wildly and shouting "here I am- under the tv guide!" (a trait which unfortunately has passed to my 3 year old).
So if I look like shit it's because I spend 2 hours a night on me, and it's well worth it!

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