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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Book Review - Cents and Sensibility (Maggie Alderson)

Sometimes it's good to read something that requires no brain power, and this is one of those fabulous works of fiction where you can just get lost in another life of fantasy, pretending to be the character and leading that life.

Cents and Sensibility is about Stella Montecourt-Fain, a journalist at one of the best newspapers in London. She specialises in luxury feature stories, and so is exposed to that awe-inspiring world of luxurious clothes, accessories, high jewelry, money, and beautiful people. Not that that's important of course.

On one of her regular trips to France (sigh) she meets the heir to one of America's biggest fortune...but she doesn't find out straight away. The story is about hers and her father's reaction to the amount of money this man would inherit, as well as love (of course), and family values.

There are some colourful characters in the story, my favorite being the womanising Lord Montecourt-Fain, Stella's father, who has had six wives and a myriad of children to each wife. Of course this makes for an interesting and complicated family mix, but full of love and fun nonetheless.

The story is a lighthearted read when you feel like escaping life without having to put too much thought in it.

You can buy Cents and Sensibility here

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